Something For Everyone!

Quality and variety are the cornerstones of our business and we are continually adding quality offerings to our menu of services to the delight of our customers. All of our menu items are made from the highest-quality ingredients. Stop in for yourself to see why we are the best in town. You'll be glad that you did!
New Orleans Steaks


With superior cuts of steak, highly experienced chefs to sear them to perfection, and impeccable customer attention, World Famous Anita's Grill is the place to turn to for a refined evening out. You'll fall in love with selections from our steak menu, including our filet mignon, our bone-in ribeye, and our full-flavored New York strip.

New Orleans Sandwiches


How do you like your sandwiches? Lots of meat? Cheese? Toasted bread? Vegetarian friendly? Whatever your preference, we have a variety of delicious sandwiches made to satisfy hungry customers from all around. Get your 'wich on!

New Orleans Burgers


Any time you are looking to watch the New Orleans games, then World Famous Anita's Grill is the spot for your group. We have an incredible burger menu, with so many tastes that you will be overwhelmed with amazement. There is much to be seen in every burger you may enjoy for every game. We are here for you all the time!

New Orleans Fries


What's our secret to getting the crispiest on the outside, fluffiest on the inside, all-around most delicious French fries in town? Get the oil as hot as we can, fry them twice, and shake them up with a dusting of salt and seasoning before we take them straight to you. Order them plain, topped with melty cheese, or even nacho style with salsa and shredded beef, for a treat that your whole party will love!

New Orleans Pizza


Sometimes, it's good to go back to the basics with a traditional take on pizza. From spicy pepperoni to sweet and fragrant margherita, and all the classic pizza varieties in between, we make the kinds of pizzas you'll remember growing up on, dressed up with our signature pizza sauces and topped with only the best quality of ingredients. Curious to try something new? We also feature a variety of specialty house pizzas, and we're always more than happy to add or substitute toppings.